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Why did we create the 3S cane ?

Everything you want to know on the 3S cane!


Coming to terms with using a cane is a difficult process. It means admitting that you need help to get around and stay steady on your feet. It also means telling the world that you’re not moving as quickly as you used to.  

Like everyone else in my situation, I waited as long as I possibly could before finally starting to use a cane. Two events in the same week helped me decide: first, I came within a hair of getting hit by a car, and then one lunchtime, I got stuck right in the middle of René-Lévesque Boulevard.

And so, at the age of 36, I bought my first cane. Given the limited number of choices available, I picked a black one that reminded me of Charlie Chaplin. It was the only model that allowed me to inject a little humour into the sobering reality of needing a cane.

Years later, I found myself wondering why there were still so few different canes on the market. After all, people who need glasses can choose from thousands of frame styles, from classic to kooky!  

With that in mind, I started looking seriously for a cane I could be proud of: something nice-looking and well-designed that would suit my style and help keep me moving. But it simply did not exist. So I decided to design one myself, focusing on the three qualities most important to me:

Style + Stability + Security

And that’s how the 3S was born. While we were innovating, we decided to create an ergonomic grip that would provide a maximum of control for a minimum of effort. We also chose to make the shafts out of solid wood, designed to be both visible and elegant.  

Here, then, is our first collection of nine models that celebrate beautifully the strength of character of everyone who is standing tall!

We look forward to welcoming you into our community.



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