Frequently asked questions

Once I place my order, how long will it take to get my 3S?

You will receive it in one week. It takes one or two days to process the order, after which you will receive an email confirming that the cane has shipped and providing a tracking number. Shipping is free and takes three to five days within Canada.

Is the 3S adjustable?

No, it is custom cut for you to ensure maximum comfort. Most people do not adjust the length of their cane properly, and that can cause discomfort in the hips, shoulders and/or neck. Click on “HOW TO MEASURE” before placing your order.

Can you put an ice pick on a 3S?

Yes. The ice picks sold in pharmacies will work, but the screws are too short. When you buy a 3S, it comes with 2 screws of the right length, included at no extra cost.

How much weight can a 3S support?

We have tested the weight-bearing capacity of all 3S models and it comfortably withstands 350 pounds of pressure. It would take 500 pounds of pressure to break it!

How heavy is 495 grams?

Not heavy at all. It’s only 100 grams more than the standard adjustable cane available in pharmacies.

Why is there a hook on the grip?

The hook gives you a better grip, which means more control. Place the hook in the crook between your thumb and index finger and your hand will fall into place naturally. The 3S grip is particularly good for people with arthritis, providing a maximum of comfort for a minimum of effort.

Why is the tip different from the one on canes at the pharmacy?

We tested a number of different tips, including the kind found on pharmacy canes, and chose a very strong, supple, shock-absorbing type of rubber. If you prefer the tips available at pharmacies, just choose one with a one-inch opening.

When should I change the tip and where can I buy a new one?

Normally, the tip should be changed when you see it beginning to wear down at an angle where it hits the ground. New tips will soon be available at our online store.

I need a stabilizing tip. Can I put one on my 3S?

Any stabilizing tip with a one-inch opening will fit perfectly on your 3S cane. Just make sure that the height of the tip does not affect the length of the cane. If you need a stabilizing tip, we recommend that you order your 3S over the phone by calling 438 927-LA3S (5257).

How should I care for my cane?

All 3S canes are treated with high-quality tung oil, which protects against rain and other bad weather. A maintenance kit incuding tung oil, sand paper, two tips and a how-to guide will soon be available at our online store.