The shaft

The shaft

The shaft comes in three types of solid hardwood with decorative inlay. Our canes are made one at a time, and each one is sanded twice, not once, which is why your 3S is so very soft and smooth to the touch.


Each shaft is also gently tapered, keeping the cane nice and light.

The weight of your 3S, including the shaft and grip, depends on the wood:

Maple: 497 g

African mahogany: 495 g

Black walnut: 480 g

Ajoutez entre 20 et 30 grammes pour les modèles de 36 pouces et plus


All 3S models are finished and protected with high-quality oil. To keep the wood in good condition, we suggest you oil the shaft at least once a month. If you like the darker tones of mahogany and walnut, oil the shaft every three months


We recommend that you change the tip when it wears down and is no longer flat. If you use an orthopedic stabilizer base, the 3S will fit perfectly in any model with a 25.4 mm (1 inch) opening.


Sugar maple

was a natural for the 3S line. This native tree gives us its sap for our beloved syrup, its leaf for our national flag, and its wood for the 3S! We couldn’t think of any better companion to lean on. Also, the fine grain helps it keep its lovely pale colour throughout the seasons.




African mahogany

is a gorgeous rosy-brown exotic wood that reveals its true beauty when sanded and oiled. Each piece of African mahogany has its own special colour and interesting grain patterns, making your cane unique, just like you.



Black walnut

Black walnut trees were first planted in the Montreal area more than 70 years ago, and those same trees still stand strong and majestic at the base of Mount Royal behind Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf. Black walnut is beautiful and durable, but a little more expensive, since only some parts of the tree can be used to make the 3S shaft. As with African mahogany, oil brings out the rich tones of the wood, which vary from light brown to warm dark chocolate, shot through with darker stripes.